Al-Kunuz is a pioneer in teaching Arabic on the Internet. The first institute of that kind opened in 2006. We have a reliable experience in online education, teacher training and adapted pedagogy.

With a team with a strong linguistic and pedagogical background, both in terms of degree and research, we have established a curriculum that has proved its worth in terms of success with students who have completed all levels.

The target level for our students is excellence in the practice of the language of the quran. By joining us, you benefit from a structure with experience, and an exclusive study program.

I have known Merkez Al Kunuz since its opening, that is to say 10 years ago allahuma barik, and forced to realize that over time this Merkez has really proved its seriousness, its structured organization and the quality of Its courses despite its prices are among the lowest in the market.

The presence of a team of well-trained secretaries yet, listening to students for all requests and responding quickly, is a strong asset compared to many other Marakiz.

But above all, I wanted to draw attention to the most important point of the Merkez, which is the level and richness of the program! Indeed, I noticed that the people who studied at Al Kunuz had a good level, and this even before achieving the last level !!

The Merkez program is, in my opinion, one of the most adapted to non-Arabic speakers because it allows to work reading, grammar, conjugation, as well as written and oral expression . Is there anything more complete? That is why I always recommend this Merkez to people who REALLY want to progress in the Arabic language.

Oum Mouqbil (founder of El 'Ilm forum)