بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Before enrolling, please read these conditions fully, a registration in the Merkez Al Kunuz, implies full and unconditional acceptance of these conditions. We remind you as Muslims of the importance of commitment. If you are not ready to accept the terms of use, do not register.

Allah ta3ala says in the Qur'an (Translation):

« "O you who believe! Fulfill (your) obligations » (S5V1)

« And those who keep their trusts and covenants; And those who stand firm in their testimonies... Such shall dwell in the Gardens (i.e. Paradise) honoured » (S70V32-35)


A: Have the behavior of the student in science.

B: Be serious, motivated and patient. Learning through the Internet is a new method that requires patience and perseverance; It is an extraordinary opportunity.

C: Communicate with the management politely and without aggressiveness. Written messages can be misinterpreted or confusing, the right suspicion is appopriate, always ask for additional explanations when you do not understand something.

D: Respect the teacher: Do your homework, communicate with him or her with good behavior, do not be away from your screen.

E: Do not communicate in a foreign language in class whereas your teacher is here.

F: Mothers who have enrolled their children in class should not communicate with the teacher (when he is a male). They will use the written chat of the classroom or they will send their request by email.

G: Al kunuz reserves its right to exclude without notice any student who behaves insolently, disrespectfully, not respecting the present conditions or preventing by his conduct the good course of his learning within the merkez. No refund will be made for this reason.


A: Limit your absences

B: Preclude your absence through this form (click) one (at least) working day before your course (we are closed on Friday).

C: In case of repeated absences, your courses will be stopped without notice, and no refund or postponement will be granted.

D: Your absences in group lessons will not be refunded or caught up. In case of repeated absences, your session will be stopped without notice and without refund. In case you are the only student in your group (alone with the teacher), after 3 absences, even non-consecutive and even scheduled, your session will be canceled.

In private lessons (full, à la carte, quran, child ...), only 1 absence per month can be made up after having notified it through the form (click), within 1 working day at least(Friday is not a working day ) Before your course (Merkez opening hours between 8:30 am and midnight Egyptian from Saturday to Thursday). A catch-up date will be offered outside your usual schedule. If the proposed timetables do not suit you (two proposals will be made), catch-up will not be possible.

E: In group lesson, any student who is more than 15 minutes late will not be allowed to attend the course of the day.


A: All registrations (all courses taken together) are considered DEFINITIVE and will therefore not be refunded, postponed to another session or suspended. Concerning the private lessons your monthly subscription will be stopped (not to be renewed), the current month will be due.

B: Concerning private courses (Arabic and quran) the student must notify us by email 1 week before the renewal date to end his monthly subscription, . Without cancellation in time, the renewed month remains due and will not be refunded.

C: No registration will be suspended, except during the month of Ramadan (closing vacation of the Merkez)


A: All registrations are final. No refunds will be granted.

B: Additional charges may be applied by your bank for payment outside Europe (or other). All costs related to payment are in charge of student.


A: Students' technical problems will not be refunded or postponed. It is up to the student to check his equipment and configuration before the course.

B: Teacher's technical problems are always caught up either by postponing the missing minutes at the end of the course or by adding an extra lession. This will be confirmed beforehand.

C: Students must connect to the online secretariat when they encounter a problem during their course; The secretary will intervene to determine what is causing the problem (in order to catch up or not). The secretary may suggest some solutions to the student, but in no case provide technical support. Students who do not connect to the secretariat will not be allowed to catch up.

D: The student will have to make sure that his microphone, headset, etc. are working properly before starting each course (in particular using the Windows configuration wizard)

E: The student must close all unnecessary softwares for his courses to avoid any sound lag. It may be necessary to set up the firewall so that it does not prevent the classroom from functioning correctly, and to check that the softwares updates (anti-virus, Windows, etc.) do not start during the course.

**** Disclaimer: Information / suggestions for technical assistance are given only to help you, as they have been tested by our team and other students before. However, we are not responsible for your equipment operation or the consequences that may result from our proposals. You can contact the Apple / Windows support of your machine for more information. ****


A: As part of the full program, students are required to send their homeworks on the email dedicated to homework, 1 day before the next course

B: Any homework sent after the next course will not take precedence over the correction

C: All the exercises present in the book are not meant to be all realized, the teacher will determine the exercises that will benefit his pupil / group.


A: Sharing contact details (mail, telephone, address, etc.) between teacher and pupils

B: Let a third person attend his / her courses

C: Religious, political, advertising and all futile discussions (unrelated to the learning of the Arabic language and / or the Quran) within the merkez (forum, class ...)

D: Course recording is not allowed

E: Distribute / copy / sell / give materials edited by Al Kunuz (recorded courses, books, exams, etc.)

F: Ask the teacher courses (with him or one of his acquaintances) outside the merkez Al Kunuz

G: Chat on instant messaging (Msn, Yahoo, Skype ...) and surf the internet during your class.

H: Advertise in classrooms, on the forum or by other means to students (classmates) and / or teachers

I: Send any video or internet links on all supports of al Kunuz

J: "Namima": Students having claims, complaints, remarks, should address them DIRECTLY to the direction and not to peddle / diffuse within the merkez (classes, software, forums.) Or elsewhere. We are the individual in question, so remarks are addressed to us. And most misunderstandings are due to lack of communication, students not daring to send us messages when they encounter a concern and / or they do not understand something. And this is mostly set by communicating.

K: Enter classrooms outside class hours. You must enter classes during your class time ONLY. Your login IDs are confidential and must not be loaned.


A: All courses are in Arabic. This is the best method to learn quickly and efficiently. Our courses are adapted to non-arabic speaking learners.

B: The student must be in possession of his material (microphone / headset, keyboard, notebook ...) before the beginning of the lessons

C: The student must write what the teacher writes on the board, in order to be able to review his / her courses

D: The student must set and preserve a quiet working environment (telephone, cries, disturbing noises.). This for his own concentration, as well as out of respect for the students attending the classes and the teacher. The "normal" sounds of children and family are tolerated.

E: The book studied in complete COLLECTIVE program ends in one session. Except in the absence of the pupil, absences affect the smooth running of the session and do not allow the book to be completed. Only the teacher's absences will be caught up to finish the book. In private lesson, the teacher proceeds at the student's pace, so it is possible that the book is not studied entirely.

F: Pauses for prayers are provided during classes, these are part of the course hours; Only the teacher's prayer break (a pause) will be caught up. The teacher manages the pupil's departure.

G: Students who do not show up for the exam at the end of the session will be offered a new meeting only if they validate their registration for the next level (i.e. by sending their payment).

H: You can not choose theteachers, al-Kunuz attribute to each class / pupil the teacher at its disposal. You may also need to change your teacher during your session without notice.

I: Al Kunuz informs you that, for pedagogical and practical reasons, the courses are likely to be recorded and archived. They will not be used for purposes other than those mentioned above. Women's classes will be listened, if need be, by a female member of the al Kunuz administration. Al-kunuz will not send any records to students. Audio/video recording of classes/lessons by students is forbidden


A: The student will have to pay his enrollment at al Kunuz before starting the lessons.

In the case of payment by instalments (for COLLECTIVE courses), the entire initial sum (the whole session) is due in the case the student stops. By paying you authorize AL KUNUZ and STRIPE (our payment platform) to collect 2 monthly payments on your card (one on the day of payment and the second and last one the next month). In case of delay in sending the second installment (due to a problem on your card or a problem of validity of your card or other), the courses will be suspended without notice, the student will be allowed to reinstate the class after receving the payment; No catch-up will be carried out.

B: No registration is final without payment

C: Concerning group lessons, students are aware that al-Kunuz's planning availabilities can be modified as needed, other days and / or schedules can be assigned to him / her. Students are aware that if the actual number of students is not enough to form the group, it will be canceled (If another group of your level is available we will propose to integrate it, otherwise, your registration will be postponed until the next session).

D: Al Kunuz reserves the right to refuse any registration without proof.

E: Registrations via the website are final only after receiving the payment. In case the student sends payment without consulting the free hours (in the case of courses" à la carte", quran or private) or having a particular request without informing al-Kunuz in advance, his payment will be put on hold (for a free schedule) or refunded DEDUCT of the expenses of reception and sending of the payment. Students who enroll COLLECTIVE courses late* must pay the full sum of the session, no day will be deducted.

G: Subscibers must ensure the availability of the (collective) session they register before sending their payment. Without notification from them, payments received after the closure of schedules (when schedules are complete) will be counted for the next session. Students do not receive a reminder. In the event that the student does not wish to wait and requests a refund, the costs of receiving and sending the payment will be deducted.

H: Students must enroll in the proposed courses only when they are ready to begin their course. No refunds or deferrals will be made.

I: Courses / registrations / subscriptions are not transferable. If you register for a course, you can not pass it on to your spouse, friend, brother, etc.

J: The schedules of the group lessons are sent on the week of the beginning of the session.

K: Private schedules may be subject to change, another schedule will be sent to the student. If the schedule is incompatible with the availability of the student we will refund the remaining courses.

L: Subscriptions are personal and can not be shared.

M: Arabic group lessons with less than 3 pupils will not be maintained. The maximum number of students is 7

N: The Quran part programmed under study (for group lessons) is given as an indication. We do not guarantee that the student will complete the study of this part. The pace / capacity of memorization varies from one student to another.

O: By enrolling in private lessons (Arabic or Koran). The student is aware that he has subscribed to a monthly subscription. It therefore authorizes AL KUNUZ and STRIPE (Our Payment Platform) to charge the amount of the monthly subscription each month on the payment card used at the time of registration. The student may cancel his subscription at any time by informing al Kunuz in writing (by e-mail) one week before the renewal of the subscription. The month started can not be refunded. In the case that a payment adjustment is necessary (subscription canceled before the payment of all past courses), the student authorizes al Kunuz and Stripe to deduct the amount due from the credit card used for the subscription.

P: If we find that your level is different from the level at which you registered, we reserve the right to change your group (for the level below, or the level above)


A: The books are sold in downloadable version, it is up to you to print and to bound if you wish.

B: Only the books of the merkez al - Kunuz are provided, for the other books (Madinah books, Primary Saudi Arabia ..) the student must be in their possession (they are available on the web).


11 - CERTIFICATION Certifications are not issued automatically. The student must apply after the program study, respecting these conditions: - Not having stopped the lessons more than 3 months. - Make us a request by email telling us on which level he wants to be certified. - Pay the examination fee of 55 euros. - Commit to paying the postage before sending the exam (we will inform the amount) - Activate the camera during the exam (the exam will be supervised by a woman for women and a man for men). There may be a delay of 3 months between the passing of the exam and the sending of the home certification. The requested fees only cover the exam.



A: Al-Kunuz communicates with students via email and through our forum, we would not be held responsible if you are not informed due to your non-viewing of the mails and forum.

B: In the event of a problem with the teacher, the student should inform the management by e-mail as soon as possible: kunuz@al-kunuz.com

C: Al Kunuz reserves the right to refuse any request without justification.

D: Al Kunuz reserves the right to modify these general conditions without prior notice.

E: The student, who validated his registration with al Kunuz, recognizes, therefore, to be in agreement with these present conditions.

*The student is aware that, given the time required to process information (answers / processing of emails) in the case of last minute registration, students may receive their login / schedule information after the courses; As well as its curriculum. No refund will be made for this reason, nor refund.