Rules of procedure

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Before subscribing, please read carefully the present conditions. The subscription to merkez Al Kunuz involves the full approval without any restriction of these terms and conditions and of these rules of procedure. We remind you how important commitment is, for us Muslims. If you don’t feel ready to accept the terms of use, better don’t subscribe.

Allah subhana wa ta3ala says in the Quran (translation):

« O you who believe! Fulfill your commitments » (S5V1)

« And those who honor their trusts and their pledges. And those who stand by their testimonies ….. These will be honored in Gardens » (S70V32-35)


a: Behave like a seeker of knowledge.

b: Be serious, motivated, and patient. The E-learning method is a new method and requires patience and perseverance, this method ultimately appears as a great opportunity.

c : Communicate with the management and the team politely and without any aggressiveness. Written messages can be misinterpreted or lead to misunderstanding, always ask for further informations if you don’t understand something.

d: Respect the teacher: do your homework, keep good manners with him/her, don’t leave your screen during the lesson.

e: Don’t communicate in a foreign language during the lesson in front of the teacher.

f: Mothers who enrolled their children in a course should not talk to the teacher (if it’s a man). They should rather use the written chat of the classroom, or we can also transmit her requirements per email.

g: Al Kunuz reserves the right to exclude any student with an insulting or disrespectful behavior, or any behavior which doesn’t fulfill the present rules or if the student’s behavior impedes the good progress of his learning within the merkez. No refund will be granted in such a case.

Non attendance/Lateness

a: Limit non attendances

b: Inform the team in case of non-attendance via your student area 2 hours before your lesson. (The center is closed on Fridays).

c: In case of repeated non-attendance, your lessons will be canceled without prior notice and no refund or postponement will be granted.

d : Your non attended group courses will not be refunded or catched-up. In case of repeated non-attendance, your session will be canceled without prior notice or refund. If you happen to be the only student in your group (alone with the teacher), your session will be canceled after 3 non attended lessons (even discontinuous and even planned).

e: Regarding group courses, any student with more than 15 minutes delay will not be allowed to participate to the lesson.


a: In group courses, your non-attendances will not be refunded nor catched-up.

b: In private lessons, only 1 absence per month can be catched-up after informing the merkez via your student area. Once the absence is reported, if it is catchable, a catch-up will be added to your student area. You can then schedule a catch-up according to your availability and those of the teacher (no catch-up proposal will be sent to the student, the catch-ups are to be scheduled by the student in his/her student area).

Catch-ups must be scheduled before the cancellation of the subscription to which they are linked, once the subscription is canceled the catch-ups are lost

Once the catch-up is scheduled, it will no longer be possible to cancel it

Technical issues

a: The student’s technical issues are not a refund or postpone cause. It belongs to the student to check his material and settings before the lesson.

b: The teacher’s technical issues are always catched-up, either by the report of the missed minutes at the end of the lesson, or by adding a lesson. This will be confirmed to you in advance.

c: The student must connect to the online “chat” (available in his/her student area) when he encounters a problem during his class; the secretary will intervene in class to determine what/who is causing the problem (in order to catch up or not). The secretary may suggest some solutions to the student, but under no circumstances provide technical support. A student who does not connect to the secretariat will not be eligible for a catch-up.

d: The student has to check the good efficiency of his microphone, headgear, etc… before each lesson (especially with the help of the windows setup wizard).

e: The student will have to close all the unnecessary software to avoid voice shifts. It could be necessary to set up his firewall so that it does not impede the operation of the classroom, and also make sure that the updates (antivirus, windows… ) do not start during the lesson.

f: the student area is not essential for the delivery of the course, the student must save the links to the classroom (which are sent to him/her by email) in his favorites. Thus in case of a bug on the student area, the courses are not impacted.

**** Warning: The informations/ suggestions given during technical help are only suggestions, these have been tested by our team and other students before. However, we are not liable for the good working of your devices or for what will result from our suggestions. You can contact the Apple/Windows support of your device for more details. ****


a: Within the frame of the full program, the student has to send his homework 1 day before the next lesson via the dedicated form.

b: Any homework sent after the next lesson will not be prioritized for correction

c: All the exercises present in the book are not intended to be done, the teacher will determine the exercises that will benefit the student/group


a: Exchange of contact informations (mail, telephone, address. etc… ) between the teacher and the student.

b: Let a third party attend the lesson.

c: Any discussion about religion, politics, or any advertisement or other pointless discussions (unrelated to the learning of the Arabic language/ Quran) are forbidden within the merkez (forum, classroom…)

d: Recording the lessons is not allowed.

e: Distributing, copying, selling, giving the material edited by Al Kunuz (recorded lessons, books, exams etc ..) is forbidden

f: Asking the teacher for lessons (with him/her or one of his/her friends) outside of the merkez.

g: Instant messaging (WhatsApp, Skype …) or surf on the internet during the lesson.

h: Make advertisements in the classes, on the forum or in another way to the other students (classmates) or teachers

i: Send video links, whatever they are, on any Al Kunuz material

j: “Namima”: Students who have claims or remarks are held to contact the direction DIRECTLY and not peddle/ diffuse within the merkez (classes, software, forum) or elsewhere. We are the main party involved, therefore the remarks have to be sent to us; and ost of the misunderstood are the result of a lack of communication, for example when the student doesn’t dare to send a message when they face a problem and/or they don’t understand something. And this is almost all the time settled by good communication.

k: Enter the classrooms outside of the lesson hours. You are allowed to enter the classrooms ONLY during the hours of your lessons. Your login informations are private and don’t have to be shared.

Lesson sequence/teachers

a: All the lessons are in Arabic. It’s the best method to learn quickly and effectively. Our courses are adapted to non-arabic speakers.

b: The student must have his material (microphone, headgear, keyboard, notebook.. ) before the beginning of the lesson.

c: The student has to write down what the teacher is writing on the whiteboard to be able to revise his lessons

d: The student is held to set and keep a calm work environment (phone, shoutings, noise); this for his own concentration and also as respect for the other students attending the lesson and the teacher. “Normal” noise of kids and family are tolerated.

e: The studied book within the full GROUP program is made to be finished in one session; except in case of non-attendance of the student, non-attendance impacts the good session flow and does not allow to finish the book. Only the teachers non-attendance will lead to a catch up to finish the book. In private lessons, the teacher follows the student’s pace, it is, therefore, possible that the book is not fully studied.

f: In group lessons, in exceptional cases, the group can be composed of more than 7 students. In compensation, lessons will be added to the session as long as the number of students remains unchanged (more than 7 students) at the end of the session.

g: Breaks for prayer are planned during the lessons, these are part of the lesson hours; only the teachers praying break will be catched up. The teacher manages the student’s breaks.

h: The students who do not attend the final exam of a session, will get a new appointment only if they confirm their subscription to the next level (that means by sending his payment).

i: You can not choose the teacher, Al Kunuz assigns to each student/class the teacher that is available. You can also change the teacher during the session without prior notice.

j: Al Kunuz informs you that, for practical and pedagogical reasons, the lessons might be recorded and saved. They will not be used for other reasons than those mentioned above. The female lessons will be heard, if necessary, by a female member of the Al Kunuz staff. Al Kunuz will not send any record to the students. The students are not allowed to record the lessons.

k: Within the frame of the group courses, if we note that your level is different from the level you subscribed to, we reserve the right to put you in another group (higher or lower level).

l: In private lessons, the student can modify his schedule (depending on the teacher’s availability), once the schedule has been modified, it will no longer be possible for 30 days

m: In the case of private lessons: the student may change rhythm (from monthly to semester or annual and vice versa), the change will be effective at the next billing, after which no further changes will be possible until the end of the new billing period


a: The books are sold in a downloadable version, it’s up to you to print and join them if you wish to.

b: Only the Al Kunuz books are provided, for the other books (Madinah, Saudi Primary …etc) the students must download them by themselves (they are available on the internet).


a: Certifications are not automatically delivered. The students has to ask for it after studying a program and respect these conditions :

— Not having stopped classes for more than 3 months.
— Ask us per email and precision on which level he wants to be certified.
— Pay the exam fees (55 euros).
— Undertake to pay the shipping costs before the exam is sent out (we will inform him about the amount)
— Activate the camera during the exam (the exam will be supervised by a woman for women and by a man for men).

A 3 months period can pass between the exam and the reception of the certificate at home.

The asked fees only cover the exam.

b: The student understands that the certification will attest to his/her Arabic language level according to the European reference framework for the examination of the al Kunuz program. For the other programs (Tome de médine, Al Ajromiyah, an-Nouraniyah etc…) the certification will attest that the student has completed this program and that he/she has acquired its content.

c: If the student does not succeed at the exam, he will have a second chance to pass the exam for free, if he wishes to pass the exam again for a third try he will have to pay 25€

d: Once the request for passing the exam and the payment are done, there can be two weeks minimum waiting for receiving a date.


a: Al Kunuz communicates with his students per email, we can not be held responsible for anything that could appear because of the unread mails.

b: In case of problems with the teacher, the student will have to inform the direction per email as soon as possible:

c: Al Kunuz reserves the right to refuse any request without justification.

d: Al Kunuz reserves the right to make changes in these rules of procedure without prior notice.

e: The student who has confirmed his subscription at Al Kunuz, thereby agrees with these rules as well as with the terms and conditions.