What do our students and parents of students say about us.

“The teachers are competent and my children have made a lot of progress in learning the Quran. I prefer this method where the child is alone with the teacher because the teacher knows the weak points and strengths of my children and this is very important for the child's progress. It's the same for the Arabic language and I am fully satisfied with it. ”

Abou 3Abdillah

“My son, who was almost completely non-Arabic speaking, caught up almost 2 years behind (age class) with them. Al Hamdoullillah. Qualified teachers with incomparable patience, who know how to teach because it's their JOB.”

Oum Amjad

“The teacher I have is very kind, very patient, and very encouraging. Indeed, she is not afraid to repeat tirelessly until she is completely understood. It's a great opportunity to have access to such high-quality courses and teachers, so let's take advantage of it.”

Umm Sakina

“The advice that I can give inshaa Allah is to register with merkez al kunuz, allahoumma barik, I have tested several online courses and this merkez is very satisfactory whether it is the courses to be given, the management, the secretariat. May Allah reward them greatly.”

Oummou Imrane

“Currently at level 2, I understand almost the entire course and I can express myself much better. The seriousness of Merkez al Kunuz is not found everywhere.”

Oum Imrane

“I have been enrolled in an individual Arabic course for 1 month, al Hamdoulilah, and I can say that I have never progressed so much Macha'allah. This merkez's method is excellent.”

Oum Abd’Ar Rahmân

“I really enjoy working through audio and written media, the interaction is very present and we are always learning new vocabulary and new expressions”


“I am very satisfied, it helps me a lot to talk about topics where I thought I was not suitable”


“My teacher is kind and includes all of us”


“The program is more effective than the programs offered at the University”

Oum Abderrahmen

“The courses are super beneficial el hamdulilah! Despite the language barrier, the teacher takes all the time to correct each sentence and each word. She is very caring, smiling and never annoyed. I was enrolled in another distance learning institute before al Kunuz, where the teacher (also Egyptian) had spoken badly to me about SubHanallah, the school did nothing despite the screenshots of the messages, so I changed to go to you. It was the best decision I ever made and I don't regret el hamdulilah! I am really happy in the courses and I have made a lot of progress in just 2 months!”

Hayette D.

“I understand Arabic well, I no longer need a translation, I can even ask questions directly to the chouyoukh, I read that religious books in Arabic and really Macha Allah are a delight!! ... I really wonder what level I would have had if I hadn't done al Kunuz!!???? ”

Abu Jannet

Completed our “Al Kaamil” program

“As most students point out, the strong point of this Merkez is that the student evolves very quickly when speaking and can therefore communicate with the teachers from the first sessions.”

Oum Imrane

“I studied the Arabic language throughout my childhood until my early teens in a mosque school. I thought I was at a very good level and was quite confident. I even taught my husband to read. But by starting the program 100% in Arabic, I found myself at the lowest level! I was unable to name the letters of the alphabet (I didn't even know their names were spelled!! ) and I was of course unable to dialogue in Arabic, even to introduce myself... What a waste of time... With the program in Arabic, in not even 1 month I had already done a good job and could make myself understood by my teacher. That's what convinced me about the effectiveness of the immersion method.”

Ummu Luqman

“Don't be discouraged by the fact that everything is in Arabic: It's the strong point of the merkez! You will understand Arabic directly without needing to do any translation in your head, you will listen to it and understand it naturally as if you were an Arabic speaker:) I live in England today and I learned English in France at school when I arrived here I spoke English and only understood it by translating everything in my head It WAS a Catastrophe lol, but with Arabic it was much simpler Al Hamdulilhah In summary, I recommend the Merkez to everyone and advise you to persevere in your efforts. You will be amazed at the professionalism of the administration and the professors.”

Abou Moussa

Completed our “Al Kaamil” program

“For me Al Kunuz has become like a member of my family, I can't do without it anymore))). The fact that this is as serious both in terms of courses and administration motivates me even more, because I tell myself that at the agreed time my teacher is waiting for me.”

Oum Jounayd

Completed our “Al Kaamil” program

“The professors hear your reading perfectly, I even think that sometimes the correction is very subtle, which proves that they are very qualified teachers in the field.”

Oum Imrane

“By the grace of Allah ta3âla my two oldest children have finished memorizing the Quran through the merkez al kunuz. They then followed the program to get their ijaza and their sanad... It was rigorous... They obtained it and received their certificate by post from Egypt.”

Oum Bilâl

“Every day I see the benefits that your takallam courses have given me.. Your materials and courses are extremely excellent! ”

Umm Abdarrahman

“I know brothers who study books in Medina and, alhamdoulillah, I realized that I have a much better level studying the Al Kunuz program with you”

Abu Hajar

“Allahi barek, I don't know how you do it, but all the teachers you recruit are really adorable, incredibly kind and caring. I know four of them now. They are picky. Masha Allah”

Laila R.

“I enrolled in Al Kunuz without much conviction, I started directly at level two and I really felt a difference, in that you had to speak, understand and be understood exclusively in Arabic AND THAT IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS!!! ... really now I regret that only one thing is that I didn't start earlier!!!! ... I understand Arabic well, I no longer need a translation, I can even ask questions directly to the chouyoukh, I read that religious books in Arabic and really Macha Allah are a delight!! ... I really wonder what level I would have had if I hadn't done al Kunuz!!???? ”

Abu Jannet

Completed our “Al Kaamil” program

“I want to say that the Merkez Al Kunuz is, in my opinion, for someone who is in Europe, the best way to learn Arabic”

Abou Moussa

“I am very grateful to the merkez, especially since they really want it to succeed, and it shows!!!!! ”

Abou Jannet

“For me, the Merkez Al Kunuz program is among the most suitable for non-Arabic speakers”

Oum Moqbil

Founder of the El 'Ilm forum

“The best Merkez that exists”

Oum Najiya

Founder of MemoRise