Takallam Parler l'arabe

Do you want to speak Arabic fluently?

Unlock the vocabulary stuck in your head into fluent speech with the Takallam program! To take you step by step towards mastery.

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“My Teacher Is Kind and Includes All of Us”

“I am delighted. It helps me a lot to speak on topics I thought I was incapable of.”

Problème parler arabe

A recurring problem

Have you taken classes in a structure where speaking was not practiced enough?

Or perhaps you have focused your learning on grammar and written expression due to a lack of a partner to practice speaking?

You have learned vocabulary lists, but this vocabulary, so hard memorized, seems stuck in your mind when you want to use it to speak Arabic?

You understand more and more of what you hear in Arabic, but you feel like you’re not progressing in speaking?

You can’t formulate your sentences… And it’s starting to get frustrating and maybe even becoming a complex?

This is undoubtedly a huge disappointment.

To speak Arabic there is no secret...

To speak Arabic fluently, there is no secret... You have to speak...

Yes, but not just in a random manner.

You have to practice on a variety of well-chosen topics to allow you to cover a wide range of everyday vocabulary.

But not everyone has the opportunity to regularly practice with an Arabic speaker.

And even if you had that option, Without a clearly defined goal and a framework to guide your learning, exchanges will soon be limited you will quickly realize that your problem is still not solved...

Speak Arabic

Too often the same observation...

Pratique oral cours arabe

We often notice among new students (who register to start classes with us) that there is almost always an imbalance in their knowledge.

And this imbalance is, most of the time, oral practice.

They could have an excellent level of grammar, but they were not able to hold a conversation adapted to their level.

So we wanted to fill that gap.

That’s why we created a structured oral expression program to take you step by step to a level of mastery.

The solution to fill your expression deficit

We present to you our speaking program “Takallam! Which means “Speak! ” in Arabic.

The “Takallam!” program : These are our famous 100% language practice workshops.

They are essential for loosening your tongue and finally speaking Arabic fluently.

Through this program, you will...

Put into practice the vocabulary you have learned to avoid blockages.

Immerse yourself in real-life situations with live interactions to improve your speech.

Develop your comprehension through different dialogues to get used to different situations and intonations.

Takallam Parler l'arabe
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Any level

Minimum age

16 years



“I really enjoy working through audio and written media, the interaction is very present and we are always learning new vocabulary and new expressions”

The program “Takallam!” : discover its advantages...

Live classes

Live classes (via Zoom) to immerse yourself with an experienced Arabic-speaking teacher and unlock your language by practicing the vocabulary buried in your memory and the new vocabulary presented during the session.

In immersion

100% Arabic courses for total immersion

Adapted duration

45-minute sessions. A convenient duration that fits into your daily schedule. Enough to practice and not too long to avoid burnout and boredom.

Sustained Pace

Keep motivated with a sustained training rhythm without being invasive. The training lasts 15 weeks at a pace of 2 sessions of 45 minutes per week.

Collaborative environment

Practice in small groups of 4 students maximum to promote interaction and conviviality.

Recognized Framework

Place yourself on the standard reference grid of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) in academic and professional situations. Or, quite simply, for your knowledge of how far you have come and how far you still have to go.

Structured sessions

No longer be stuck without knowing what to say with our program that structures the session.

Measured Progress

Measure your progress with an end-of-course assessment. This will keep you motivated and focused on reaching your goal

Unlimited corrections

Benefit from unlimited corrections of your homework. The more you practice, the more you will progress. Receive feedback from your teacher on all the assignments you submit.

Ongoing feedback

After each class, receive a detailed report of your progress during the session, as well as a summary of the tasks completed and to be done (homework).

Personalized Assessment

Know where you are and if you are on the path to success. Your teacher will send you a personalized mid-session assessment of your strengths and areas for improvement.

Celebrate your success

Your efforts will be rewarded by the sending of a certificate of success, mentioning your final grade, and a special mention.

Who can join the "Takallam!" program?

Access to the collective sessions of the “Takallam!” program is open only 3 times a year.

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To join the students who will attend the sessions, you must meet the following requirements:

Be ready to seriously commit to the immersion method (100% Arabic classes): This is THE essential method to master spoken and understood literary Arabic.

Be ready to take charge of your success (attendance, homework, revisions, etc.): Of course, we are not looking for the perfect student, but to make your investment (time and money) worthwhile, it is crucial to put in place the necessary means.

Commit for the entire session, which is 15 weeks. Places are limited (only 4 students per group), so if you are not ready to finish the session, don’t start it.

Be 16 years of age or older.

How much does it cost?

If you take classes in a structure where oral expression is little practiced, you will need, depending on your profile, 4 to 6 months to reach a CEFR level for oral expression.

This will cost you on average 350 to 500 euros in study fees.

With the Takallam! program, you focus on oral expression to reduce the time of acquisition of levels and the cost of study.

The 15-week course is priced at 122€15 semaines est au prix de 122€
(or ~4 €/session)

How to register ?


The level test

To move forward, it is essential to know your starting point.

The level test takes place live with one of our teachers, who will assess your mastery of the four language skills.

At the end of this test, you will receive your result according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and its correspondence with the “Takallam!” program.

The cost of the test is 7€, which will be deducted upon registration, making it free if you become a student.

Book your test


Select your group

During step 1, you will have communicated your availability to us.

Group schedules will be established based on majority availability.

You will be informed of the available groups matching your level and invited to reserve your spot.

Price: 122€ for 3 months of classes (30 sessions) (A two-part payment option is available.)


Access to the Al Kunuz universe

Once your spot is reserved, you will receive your login details for the platform, your schedule, your program, and all the necessary information to follow your classes.

What do our students and parents of students say about us

“I really enjoy working through audio and written media, the interaction is very present and we are always learning new vocabulary and new expressions”


“I am very satisfied, it helps me a lot to talk about topics where I thought I was not suitable”


“My teacher is kind and includes all of us”


“As most students point out, the strong point of this Merkez is that the student evolves very quickly when speaking and can therefore communicate with the teachers from the first sessions.”

Oum Imrane

“Every day I see the benefits that your takallam courses have given me.. Your materials and courses are extremely excellent! ”

Umm Abdarrahman

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

How is the course schedule drawn up?

The schedule is determined according to the students enrolled.

The schedules are sent 3 weeks before the start of classes so that you can choose your group.

Where does the training take place?

The training takes place entirely online, live with a native teacher via Zoom.

What medium is used for the training?

We use a medium that we have created and developed for 17 years.

In what language do the courses take place?

Classes take place exclusively in literary Arabic. We are convinced of the benefits of immersion and have developed our controlled immersion method.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have shown that “immersion learning creates brain connections similar to those of native speakers. However, it is essential that the audio material be authentic, that is, from people whose mother tongue is native.” (Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience — M.I.T).

To effectively learn the Arabic language, it is therefore crucial to immerse yourself in this language in the company of a native speaker.

To find out more about our method,

What are the dates of the sessions this year?

The next sessions will take place on the following dates, insha Allah:

- April 17, 2024
- September 11, 2024
- January 08, 2025

What is the cost of the training?

The course costs €122. There are no registration fees. Support is offered.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer a preferential rate only for students from the previous session.

Thus, if you register for the next session at the normal rate (€122), you can continue your training at the next level at a preferential rate.

We do not offer discounts in other cases.

Payment in two installments is available to facilitate your registration.

Am I going to speak fluently after a level?

Obviously you don't speak Arabic fluently after only one level of the Takallam program!

You will become more fluent level after level bi idhnillah.

Who is this program for?

The expression program “Takallam!” is made for French speakers (men, women and adolescents over 16) who want to unlink their language and speak Arabic.

What are the requirements to register?

You need to know how to read Arabic (with vowels).

How long does the program last?

Each session lasts 3 months (30 sessions), with 2 sessions of 45 min per week.

A session corresponds to one level.

How many students are there per group?

Each group has between 2 and 4 students.

How do I determine my level?

To know your level of speaking and receive a personalized report, you must take a level test with one of our teachers.

Can I study this program as a private course?

The program “Takallam! ” can only be studied in group lessons.

In a private course, you can study the oral expression “free” (without support).

I am already studying the full “Al Kaamil” program, I need the “Takallam!” program ?

Our comprehensive program (the Al Kaamil program) covers the 4 skills of foreign language acquisition (so it covers speaking and comprehension).

You don't need to sign up for the Takallam program! .

Our students who follow our curriculum evolve in a balanced way in all 4 skills.

However, if you want to improve your speaking skills more quickly, you can enroll in the Takallam training in parallel!

It will allow you to practice more often outside of your classes. It can only be beneficial

What equipment is required?

A stable internet connection, a computer, a headset, a microphone and a keyboard in Arabic.

Regarding the Arabic keyboard, you can instead buy Arabic letter stickers to stick on your keyboard (for sale online).

Our classes are compatible with all media: Windows, Mac as well as tablets and smartphones, however for more comfort we recommend that you study on a computer (to have a keyboard at your disposal).

How do you make the payment?

Payment is made by credit card (managed by our payment partner Stripe). Payment is secure.

What does the program consist of?

It is a program focused on oral expression and comprehension (to speak you must also understand).

You will learn vocabulary that you will put into practice immediately. You will listen to dialogues and do simulations