These Terms and Conditions are a contract between on one side AL KUNUZ INC hereinafter referred to as “the seller” and on the other side any moral or physic person wishing to buy something on the website “www.al-kunuz.com” hereinafter referred to as “the buyer”.


These Terms and Conditions govern the contract between the seller and the buyer and apply on any purchase made through the website “www.al-kunuz.com” wether the seller is private or a professional.

By buying a good or service through this website the buyer is confirming his agreement to be bound to these Terms and Conditions as well as the rules of procedure.

These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all contracts for the sale of Goods by the Seller to the Buyer to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions referred to, offered or relied on by the Buyer including any standard or printed terms tendered by the Buyer, unless the Buyer specifically states in writing, separately from such terms, that he wishes such terms to apply and this has been acknowledged by the Seller in writing.

The seller reserves the right to change or revise these Terms and Conditions at any time. In this case, the applicable Terms and Conditions are those which were operative at the buyer’s date of order.

These Terms and Conditions are applicable to anyone using the website and especially to every order confirmed by the buyer on the website “www.al-kunuz.com”.

The invalidity of a particular contractual clause of the Terms and Conditions shall not invalidate the entirety of these. The buyer agrees to use the site “www.al-kunuz.com” in accordance with these Terms and Conditions in his name and on his behalf.

Specifications of the offered goods and services

The offered goods and services are those who are shown in the catalogue published on the sellers website.

Private courses are subscribed on a monthly, bi-annual, or yearly basis.

Group courses are subscribed as a package with a one or two times payment.


The prices shown on the “www.al-kunuz.com” website catalogue are in Euros (excl. taxes); as the seller is exempt of VAT at the export

Product prices can be changed at any time. However, the price which applies to order is the price announced at the time of the order.

Additional fees can be charged by the buyer’s bank in case of payments out of Europe (or other). All fees related to the payment are at the buyer’s charge.

Orders and subscriptions

The ongoing Orders/ subscriptions/ courses are not transferable.

The buyer who wants to buy a good or service should necessarily :

  • Fill the online form ( First name, Last name, email, and credit card number).

  • Do the payment in the planned conditions.

  • Fill in the form to receive the accesses ( First name, Last name, Email address)

The order confirmation binds the buyer to these Terms and Conditions, the rules of procedure, and the acknowledgment of having perfect knowledge and waiver of its own terms and conditions or other conditions.

All the provided informations and the saved order will be used as evidence of the transaction The confirmation will be worth a signature and acceptance of the operations done.

The seller will send the saved order confirmation per Email.

By ordering, the buyer allows the company STRIPE (payment recipient) to withdraw the monthly fees of the buyer’s subscription(s) and/or the payment schedule in two times for the bought goods/ service.

The buyer acknowledges being informed about the withdraw on his credit card for his subscription.

The buyer who subscribes late to the GROUP courses will have to pay the entire session, no deduction will be granted.

The seller reserves the right to refuse any order/ subscription without having to provide any justification.


Concerning Group Courses :

The buyer is aware of the fact that the schedule availabilities displayed by Al Kunuz can be modified if needed, and other days and/or hours can be assigned. The buyer is aware of the fact that if the number of students isn’t sufficient for a group, this one can be canceled (if another group of your level is available we will offer you to enter it. If not, your subscription will be delayed to the next session or refund, as you choose).

Concerning Private Courses :

The buyer is aware of the fact that it is possible that two buyers order the same schedule at the same time, the seller will confirm the first received payment and will send an Email to the second buyer to choose another schedule. If no other schedule is suitable for the buyer, the order will be refunded.

The buyer is aware of the fact that, exceptionally, the schedules can be changed and another schedule will be sent to the buyer. If the schedule isn’t suitable for the buyer’s availabilities, the seller will refund the remaining courses.

Cancellation and Retraction

Concerning video courses:

The subscription is firm and definitive, no refund will be granted.

Concerning Group Courses :

The subscription is firm and definitive, no session will be refunded or delayed.

Concernant les cours privés (abonnement) :

The subscription is firm and definitive, the ongoing month will not be refunded. The student is free to end his subscription 7 days before the new billing period. Once the new billing is done, the ongoing month will be owed and the subscription will be canceled for the next billing period.

Likewise, for a semester or year subscriptions, they are not refundable, the student is engaged for the entire period of the subscription. He remains free not to renew his subscription, by canceling his renewal via his student area

If a payment is in need of regularization (subscription canceled before the complete payment of the past courses), the buyer allows the seller and Stripe to withdraw the owed amount on the credit card used for the subscription.


The price is due at the order. When it is specified, the payment can be made in several instalments (Group courses, video courses) The seller accepts, depending on the products, the payments per Credit Card via Stripe.

In case of a delay in the payment schedule agreed for the subscription, the courses/services will be suspended without prior notice, the buyer will be able to join the class again only after payment reception; no catch-up will be organized.

Access to products and services

Delivery of access codes and other digital products will be made on the Email provided by the buyer after payment. The buyers can access their products and/or services at the announced date and during all of their subscription in the case of services subject to subscription.

The logins, passwords and access to the products/services are personal, the buyer is not allowed to share these informations with other persons.

When the seller system detects a simultaneous connexion to the member account of the client (several connected IPs that login at the member account of one client), the seller will be in his right to stop the client access for infringement of the Terms and Conditions. No refund will be granted in this case.

The products are for single and personal use only. Any reproduction or copy of the content or unauthorized distribution on any medium can lead to legal actions.

Pedagogical support

The seller will do his best to answer the client’s questions concerning the offered course content and this within reasonable limits and without obligation.

No support will be provided for any request that doesn’t concern the content of the learning program (book exercises that are not covered in the learning session etc..)

Technical support

The seller will do his best to answer the client’s questions about technical concerns, within reasonable limits and without obligation.


The seller does not accept any liability in case of direct or indirect losses linked to the use of his products/services. The seller has no result obligation.

It’s the responsibility of the buyer to make sure that the application of the advice given in the products/services are authorized by his jurisdiction or his hierarchy if the buyer uses the seller’s products/services as an employee of a company.

Intellectual property

The company AL KUNUZ INC is the editor of “www.al-kunuz.com”, the website and content published on it are protected by the intellectual property.

No one is allowed to reproduce, exploit, post, disseminate or distribute, or use in any way, even partly, parts of the website either they’re software, visual or sound materials. Any simple or hypertext link is forbidden without written prior notice from the seller.

Data Protection

In accordance with the regulation for the protection of natural living persons regarding personal data processing, personal data belonging to the buyer can be treated in an automated process.

The seller reserves the right to collect information about the buyer including the use of cookies.

Users have access and rectification right on their personal data, in accordance with the regulation.

By agreeing with these Terms and conditions, you acknowledge having read our data protection policy and you hereby accept that your personal data will be collected by our E-mailing Autoresponder, edited by the company ACTIVECAMPAIGN LLC and the Brevo service published by the company SENDINBLUE — 106 Boulevard Haussmann, 75008 Paris, France.

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Complaint Management

Any dispute arising out of or relating to the Agreement is settled by negotiation. Should negotiations fail, the parties are entitled to apply to their respective courts of law.


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