Quran classes are taught by experienced teachers holding an Ijaza courses take place in private lessons. Several programs are available:

- Memorization + Revision
- Learning Tajweed rules
(6 levels available)
- Studying and Memorization of the book "Al Jazariya"
- "An-Nouraniya" Method

The courses are opened to all: adults (men or women) and children.

It has been almost two years that I am studying in this merkez. I study the Quran and attended two Arabic sessions. Now I am completing the memorization of the 13th hizb al hamduliLlâh.

What struck me the most was the seriousness and the good organization of the merkez. A thing that is scarce nowadays. The teachers are excellent, pedagogical, very patient, all that remains for the student is to show constancy and patience in his learning in order to obtain a result.

Learning in Merkez Al Kunuz is a real treasure for people living in places where there is not yet a school to learn Arabic language and the Quran!

Oum Imrane

By the Grace of Allah ta3âla my two eldest have completed Quran memorization through the merkez Al Kunuz. They are now preparing the curriculum to obtain an Ijaza with Sanad from their teacher.

My third one is close to complete it bi idniLlah. And I want to put my youngest one who is nearly 5 years old so that he starts early and follows the way of its elders.

Oum Bilal

The courses are taken in the form of subscription (Monthly, Semester or Annual).

Without engagement.

You are free to not renew the subscription at the end of the month, semester or year, depending on the subscription chosen.

Each slot (a schedule) is a subscription.

Discount :

➡  Monthly subscription (every month) = 5,33 euros/h
20 euros/month for 1 session per week, 5 sessions/month
(Payable every month 20 euros)

➡  Half-yearly subscription (every 6 months) = 4,5 euros/h
16,87 euros / month for 1 session per week, 5 sessions / month for 6 months
(payable every 6 months 101,25 euros)

➡  Annual Subscription (every 12 months) = 4 euros/h
15 euros / month for 5 sessions / month for 12 months
(payable every 12 months 180 euros)

For more sessions per week, you need to multiply subscriptions.


I study Tuesday from 13h-13h45 => 5 sessions per month = 20 euros / month
I add Thursday from 15h-15h45 => 5 sessions per month = 20 euros / month

I will pay in all for my classes 2 times a week => 40 euros / month (10 sessions / month) by choosing the monthly subscription.

The same principle applies for semi-annual or annual subscriptions.



Quran private lessons take place in a 45-minute session. The perfect time to enjoy the course and stay entirely focused. You choose the teacher (male or female, the courses are not mixed) and the schedule that suits you best.

Depending on availabilities, you can study up to 6 times a week. However we advise students to study between 1 to 3 times a week to keep a moderate pace in so as you are not overload and which allows you to continue over time and thus achieve your goals. For the busiest ones, a rhythm of once a week will be more suitable.

You choose your program:

➡ Memorizing
➡ Correction
➡ Explanations of Tajweed rules
➡ Qa3ida an-Nouraniya
➡ Al Jazariya

Enrollment is in the form of a monthly, half-yearly or yearly subscription, so you study continuously until you decide to stop. Thus, you do not worry about the renewal of your courses and do not risk to lose  your schedule and your place.

The Tajweed courses are spread over 6 levels. The book is provided to you. You can also study a book of your choice, such as "Al Jazariya" or "Touhfatoul Attfal".

Tajweed courses on 6 levels:

➡ Level 1 : Rules of "noon sakina" and "tanwin"
➡ Level 2 : Rules of "Lamates"
➡ Level 3 : The "mudood"
➡ Level 4 : Rules of the "qalqala" and "ar-Raates" and the "moufakhama" and "mouraqaqa" letters
➡ Level 5 & 6 : as-Sifate wa al makharij


Teachers hear your reading perfectly, I even find that sometimes the correction is very subtle, which proves that they are very qualified teachers in this field.

I started with level 0, my oral level was catastrophic, I did not even know how to formulate a sentence in Arabic. There are two ways to learn ahkam at-tadjweed, either by repeating the same pronunciation as the teacher or through the lessons.

When the student does not understand the teacher, we follow the first solution. But in the course of the sessions, my oral has improved a lot, now I understand the explanations of the teacher and I can express myself. The fact that the courses are in Arabic, also allows me to work the oral in addition to tadjweed:)!

Also, we always use the same vocabulary, the same expressions an so on, so one day or another we always end up to understand. And it should not be forgotten ALlah is the One Who facilitated the learning of the Quran for the one who chose to study it.

Oum Imrane

I have been studying Quran / Tajweed for 2 sessions now (i.e. 20 hours). I invite you all to take these courses, the teacher I have is very kind, very patient, and very encouraging. Indeed, she is not afraid to repeat tirelessly until you fully understand and she seems genuinely delighted with any progress.

I am sometimes discouraged because I feel I am no good, I even cried once during the course but, she encourages me, she does me good. And I will not let go because it would make the Shaytan too happy and with my level I can only progress.

It is a great opportunity to access courses and teachers of such quality so let's take advantage of it.

Umm Sakina