The collective program, which is available from the beginning level (i.e. learning to read) to the most advanced level (studying of balagha and poetry), is based on a complete and progressive program set into 12 levels.

Classes are held twice a week at the rate of 2 hours per class. Each session lasts 10 weeks. A session represents a level. Students take a level test to choose the appropriate group for their level.

The courses are adapted to non-Arabic speakers (even if you do not know a single letter of the alphabet and have no vocabulary). Men, women and teenagers can follow these courses. Our teachers are trained and experienced in teaching the Arabic language as a foreign language. Patient and pedagogue, they will be able to transmit their knowledge to you.

One feature of group lessons is the motivation of the student in his learning with the group dynamics. A space for exchange between students allows mutual help and motivation.

I am enrolled since last year at the merkez I heard of the merkez a lot (in good) before my registration therefore I was attracted and al hamdulilah I am very attached lol. The sympathy and the patience of the teachers makes me want to continue, and above all, the quality of the courses Allahummah barik 3alaykum may Allah reward you.

I was not really self-confident in speaking. Before I did not speak in Arabic I concentrated more on writing but with the merkez I dare and even if I am wrong al hamdulilah my teacher helps me to target my mistakes and makes every effort to make the student understand.

In any case, the program is more effective than the programs offered at the college. Jazakumallahu kheirah wa barakallahu fikum.

Oum Abderrahmen


Our program, composed by our care and improved from year to year for 10 years, is made up of 12 levels. It is aimed to be complete in all areas of the language.

Salam alaykum, I answered the forum poll (abu hajar-mm level 5 soon incha Allah) ...
I know brothers who study the Madina books and, alhamdulillah. I realized that I have a much better level by studying with you the program of Al Kunuz; they have no notion of grammatical analysis (i'rab ) And when we speak of a rule that we have all studied, they lack many notions and details.

I think, macha Allah, you have a great program barak Allahu fikum

Abu Hajar



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I am studying with the merkez for 6 months and I wanted to testify of my experience. I study with Oustadha Chaima, whom I thank for her great patience and kindness at each course barak ALlahu feeha.

In my very first course at level 0 I almost understood anything and it was very difficult for me to express myself, a few months after the efforts payed and allowed me to express myself and to understand with much more more ease wal hamdulillah!

I recommend it as much as possible to my circle because I tried several methods of learning, and I finally found the right one. With Al Kunuz program you can do oral, writting, conversation, grammar, dictation an so on, in short, all that is necessary for a solid learning. It deals with all the daily subjects to immerse us completely.

I waited a long time before I took the plunge because I was in favor of the "need of a real teacher and not a virtual one" but what a mistake! It was a waste of time subhana Allah! If you want to learn this noble language with ease, speed and seriousness I strongly encourage you to take the plunge, no doubt you will really appreciate wa Allahu a3lam.

Moreover the secretariat is very well organized, they respond quickly, in a very good French, and as soon as they can they arrange for facilitating and encouraging you subhana Allah, may Allah Azzawajal reward them for this and place here a great Baraka !!!

I sincerely hope that you will be able to share this teaching with our community for a long time. Jazzakummu allahu khairan.


After finishing my first session I wanted to give my opinion on the merkez as I searched the opinions of other students before signing up.

I am more than satisfied with the merkez and this session (level 4) which benefited me a lot; I worked on other books before registering for the merkez, I was afraid to do a lot of review and not really enjoy, butit was the opposite.

I really deepened the notions that I had vaguely approached in the Madinah books for example and learned new notions that we usually work little in France like the sarf.

Elaborated texts as well as the oral expression part brought me a lot and of course a course only in Arabic really helped me for the oral.

Anyway I intend inchaAllah to continue with the merkez and I highly recommend it around me. To have the chance to study with Egyptian mu3alimas with good books is a true ni3ma, ma cha Allah!

Oum Sara