Arabic literary classes in private session are accessible to adults (men and women) and children. A course lasts 45 minutes, the perfect time to enjoy the course and stay entirely focused.

You choose the teacher (male or female, the courses are not mixed) and the schedule that suits you best. Depending on availabilities, you can study up to 6 times a week.

However we advise students to study between 1 to 3 times a week to keep a moderate pace in so as you are not overload and which allows you to continue over time and thus achieve your goals. For the busiest ones, a rhythm of once a week will be more suitable.

I am enrolled since 1 month, al hamdulilah, in individual Arabic course, and I can say that I have never progressed so much macha'Allah, (I did 2 years of Arabic before, the first one to learn reading, and the second one, I studied level 1 of Madinah books, studying only that in 2 years, is far too long subhana Allah !!!), and the method of this merkez is excellent, Allahumma baarik. The results come fast and I am only at the beginning, the results are already there bihidnilah ta3ala!

My teacher is very kind Allahumma barîk, patient, she's never tired to repeat, repeat and repeat... for the given vocabulary (in the book and at the beginning of the session) it is more than useful, these are everyday words, the book is very well designed, the classes are well organized, a time to speakh, a time for the lesson and a time for the exercises .. al hamdulilah, everything is very well done.

Moreover there is nothing better than to speak only Arabic, it pushes us to understand, to seek our words, because I tested the both methods, and in bilingual course we focus on French, to understand and not on the explanation in Arabic, which only delayed our learning.

I did not dare to start before, I was afraid of being lost, but after 2 years and few results, well Bismillah !! I started al hamdulilah it is now obvious that this is the best solution incha'Allah ta3ala.

In addition, although individual courses are more expensive, those have many advantages. Participation is important on the part of the student, in case of absence we do not have the course to catch up because it did not take place. The number of hours per week is established by us so we can study 4 hours instead of 6 hours, if our schedule does not allow us, it is very flexible al hamdulilah ... here are all the advantages of 'being alone!!

Really, I can conclude by saying move forward bhdnilah ta3ala, because the Arabic language is the basis of to learn science. This magnificent language must not be forsaken. May Allah 3azawjal preserve this merkez and the brothers and sisters who contribute to its success. May Ar Rahman gives us a beneficial science.

Oum Abd'Ar Rahmân

The courses are taken in the form of subscription (Monthly, Semester or Annual).

Without engagement.

You are free to not renew the subscription at the end of the month, semester or year, depending on the subscription chosen.

Each slot (a schedule) is a subscription.

Discount :

➡ Monthly subscription (every month) = 6,66 euros/h
25 euros/month for 1 session per week, 5 sessions/month
(Payable every month 25 euros)

➡ Half-yearly subscription (every 6 months) = 6 euros/h
22,50 euros / month for 1 session per week, 5 sessions / month for 6 months
(payable every 6 months 135 euros)

➡ Annual Subscription (every 11 months) = 5,33 euros/h
20 euros / month for 5 sessions / month for 11 months (we don't count the month of Ramadan)
(payable every 11 months 220 euros)

For more sessions per week, you need to multiply subscriptions.


I study Tuesday from 13h-13h45 => 5 sessions per month = 25 euros / month
I add Thursday from 15h-15h45 => 5 sessions per month = 25 euros / month

I will pay in all for my classes 2 times a week => 50 euros / month (10 sessions / month) by choosing the monthly subscription.

The same principle applies for semi-annual or annual subscriptions.



In private lessons you choose your program:

➡ Merkez al Kunuz program
➡ Al Ajromiya
➡ an-Naho al Wadeh
➡ Madina, Mekkah or Riyadh program
➡ al Balagha al Wadeha
➡ The Minatu-Rahmane method (for children)
➡ Arabia Elementary Program (for children)
➡ And so on...

In private lessons the teacher goes to the rhythm of the student. The time required to complete a program therefore depends on the student and his pace of assimilation.

Enrollment takes the form of a monthly, half-yearly or yearly subscription, without commitment, so you study continuously until you decide to stop. Thus, you do not worry about the renewal of your courses and do not risk losing your schedule and your place.


As most pupils point out, the main point of this Merkez is that the student progresses very quickly in oral and can therefore communicate with the teachers from the first sessions.

I started at level 0 where I was not even able to formulate a sentence and understand most of a course. At the end of this session, I was able to understand half of a course and speak a little. At Level 1, I understood more than half of the course and could make myself understood. Currently at level 2 (2h / week full program) I understand practically the whole course and I express myself much better (I am able to say what I want "tinkering with words"), eloquence is not there but it will come gradually inshaaLlah at the higher levels ....

I had the opportunity to spend two summers in Egypt to study Arabic and the Quran and I was able to compare it with the Merkez al kunuz ... It is a good thing to study abroad, But sometimes the conditions and the adaptation are difficult and the person can be quickly discouraged and lose his means of learning. Studying via the Internet is very practical, we keep our bearings, we can adapt our classes hours according to our situation and our state (I take my Quran lessons in the early morning because memory and concentration are better and for Arabic courses I prefer to take them in the early evening).

And we do not find the seriousness of the Merkez al kunuz everywhere ... It is true that we feel a great panic in the first lessons, it seems very complicated and impossible to understand but subhanaLlah with a little patience and perseverance everything becomes clear, we understand the method, we begin to make small sentences then we know how to write them: we are on track, let us move ahead and stay focused to achieve our goal ; )))

Oum Imrane