Al-Kunuz is an online institute to learn literary Arabic and the Holy Qur'an. A pioneer in teaching online and the first institute of that kind opened since 2006. Internet courses are taught to adults and children. Our teachers, all Egyptian, are graduates and trained in learning to non-Arabic speakers. If Egypt is undoubtedly one of the best countries to learn Arabic and the science of Tajweed (rules of recitation of the Holy Quran), not everyone can go there. Al-kunuz comes directly to you.


➡ More than 10 years of experience

➡ More than 3000 students

➡ Thousands of course hours

➡ 100% immersion in the Arabic language

➡ Students who have completed their studies in Arabic

➡ Students who have completed the memorization of the Quran

➡ For men, women and children

➡ For great beginners, as for high levels

➡ For non-Arabic speakers

This has been since June 2009 that I registered, I started at level 0 and currently I am at level 10 alhamdouliLLAH. The beginnings were a little difficult, because I only knew the letters of the alphabet, but over time with very pedagogical, very patient, and very courteous teachers, Allahumma barik we finally get there.

The advantage with the merkez is that it promotes a lot speaking, and therefore to have a fluency fast enough to communicate. In any case, I am so happy to understand and speak with Arabic speakers; it was not possible at all some time ago.

Each level is different, the hardest ones were the 5th and the 6th I even had to repeat them twice in order to assimilate them (and how many tears I poured), but alhamduliLLAH I am glad I coped with that. Because the Arabic language is so beautiful especially when studying the balaagha.

I do not intend to stop after level 12 in any case bi idhniLLAH, because for me Kunuz became like a a family member, I can not live without))). The fact is that the courses as well as the administration are serious so this motivates me even more, because I think that at the appointed time, my teacher is waiting for me.

I also studied the 4 levels in tajweed alhamduliLLAH, the teachers hear very well the outputs of the letters Allahumma baarik 3alayhunna.

I would like to thank all the team of merkez Al Kunuz for all their effort, their seriousness, their patience and their organization jaazakumALLAHu khayran wa hafidhakumallah.

Oum Jounayd (finished the whole curriculum)


You can not go to Egypt? Well Egypt comes to you! The best way to learn a language is to learn it directly, without using another language. Learning Arabic from English leads to several problems, including:

➡ The difficulty of understanding: the lack of oral exercises, especially listening to the language, quickly limits the progressions.

➡ The difficulty of expression: for lack of practice, the student no longer progresses. The knowledge acquired during theory lessons must imperatively be accompanied by a regular practice of the language.

With Al-Kunuz, learn Arabic from our virtual classes. A PC and a microphone are enough.

I am writing this message to you with a sad and heavy heart. It has been almost exactly two years since I signed up to the merkez and I just finished the last lesson of the last level of Al Kunuz.

Before starting to study with the merkez, I took classes once a week at the mosque for two years and one of my teachers, who also studied with Kunuz, suggested us to register for the merkez, which I did not do from the beginning, because "I needed physical contact" ... what a beautiful mistake !!!!!

Then I enrolled in Kunuz without too much conviction, I started directly at level two and I really felt a difference, since it was necessary to speak, understand and be understood exclusively in Arabic AND THIS IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS !!! But it was very very hard to the point where sometimes I said to myself that it is not for me.

But alhamdulillah, I persevered and the really one thing I regret is that I did not start sooner !!!! So there is really no doubt to have, and do not say "I prefer that I be in front of the teacher rather than behind a screen" subhan Allah we live in France and we cannot choose to have teachers before us.

Al hamdulillah, I understand Arabic well now, I no longer need translation (just the dictionary sometimes ) I can even ask questions directly to the shuyukh, I read religious books in Arabic ( no more in French) and Maa sha Allah, that is a real delight !!

I really wonder what level I would have if I did not studied with Kunuz !! ????

So I am very grateful to the merkez, especially since they really want you to succeed, and you can feel it !!!!! And I am grateful to all the teachers I had during these two years. BARAKA ALLAH FIKUM FOR ALL"

Abou Jannet ( finished the whole curriculum)


With a multi-level study program, and a full immersion in the language, al Kunuz ensures you a quick and effective progression.

Because each student is different, different formulas are available, complete program à la carte, collective or private, you will find the formula that suits you.


Al hamduli llah I started the courses at the Merkez in 2007 I think, stopping from time to time (moving, work changes, etc ...).

I am converted and I started learning in al Kunuz knowing only the alphabet: I therefore started at level 0. Today I finished the general program and I no longer stopped learning : )

I now study in private lessons a book that I have chosen myself for a few sessions ... I now set other goals,especially the acquisition of more vocabulary to fully understand everything and especially for the understanding of Arabic poetry : )

I would like to say , in my opinion, that the merkez Al Kunuz is the best way to learn Arabic, for someone who is in Europe, because the merkez is an institute now established since more than 2007 so it is possible to learn, then to stop, then to resume at the same level that we finished and not always repeat the same books again and again (e.g. book 1 of Medina without ever ending it ...)

In addition, the group program is very enriching and facilitates learning: you will begin to understand Arabic (e.g. audio course, etc.) after level 2 or 3 (for me at level 3 if I remember correctly). In addition, all the teachers are very good, patient and with a very good level : )

Do not be discouraged by the fact that everything is in Arabic: This is the strong point of the Merkez! You will understand Arabic directly without having to translate in your mind, you will listen to it and understand it naturally insha Allah as if you were an Arabic speaker : )

I live in England today and I learned English in France at school. Chen I arrived here I spoke English and understood it only by translating everything in my head It was a disaster lol, but with Arabic it was much easier Al Hamdulillah.

In summary I advise the merkez to all and I advise you to persevere in your efforts. You will be amazed by the professionalism of the administration and the teachers.

I ask Allah to reward the merkez with all their efforts and patience and to put the baraka in their affairs and that Allah grants them success in what He likes and agrees.

Abou Moussa (finished the whole curriculum)
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